About Us

HealthSnap is a family and veteran owned health & fitness company founded by two brothers: Dave Berry, a research scientist, chemical/biomedical engineer, and health, fitness, and nutrition researcher/enthusiast, and Mike Berry, a former U.S. Marine and aviation engineer.

Our mission is to help others lead better, healthier, and longer lives through the use of science, community, healthy foods and practices, and innovative tools and strategies. Our foundations are rooted in science, personalization (personalized medicine and nutrition), evolutionary principles (paleo/ketogenic diets, and organic, ethically-sourced, clean foods), and a belief that everyone should have the ability to live as long, as happy, and as healthy as possible.

At HealthSnap, we manufacture and curate a wide range of health, fitness, and personal care products including sustainably sourced non-GMO supplements and foods, test strips and monitors, fitness gear, apparel, organic skin care products and lotions, and much more. Through our extensive selection of blogs/articles, videos, seminars, and support groups, we aim to provide actionable science-backed health & fitness advice to improve healthspan and lifespan in the modern era.

At the core, we’re people who love to improve our health and push ourselves to do more. We want to build a long-term relationship with you.

Being healthy, fit, and in shape isn’t hard, and we’re here to help guide you along your journey of personal transformation towards optimal health, performance, and longevity.

Please let us know if there’s ever anything we can do for you.

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HealthSnap is a subsidiary company of DM Legacy Ventures LLC

NOTE: Nothing in this website is written or intended to be medical advice or to replace medical advice. We are not doctors. We are merely individuals with a passion for health, fitness, nutrition, and scientific research.